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Brent Yates


Brent Yates had it all – money, success, a beautiful wife and family... but inside, he was dying. One-by-one, everything that he valued was taken from him until he questioned how his life could go on, and he was crippled with a mysterious malady that no doctor could identify. Instead of giving up, he decided to pinpoint what wasn’t working in his life and embark on a quest to discover health and happiness. What he discovered was that you have to work on yourself daily, you can’t do it alone, and once you know more, do more.


Brent Yates is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of success as a business owner, philanthropist, and investor. A leader in the natural gas industry, his articles have been featured in publications such as Business Week and Fast Company. His life journey was neither smooth nor straightforward.

“I’m grateful that I was given a second chance at life. I know that phrase can be over-exaggerated and banal, but you will come to understand the reason for my overflowing gratitude. I’m a guy who started in the ditches welding pipe for my father 40 years ago and ended up the CEO of a booming, multi-million dollar company with over 500 employees. My life journey is similar – spiritually, mentally and physically – finding my way from the personal ditches all the way to the top. Now, I’m a committed father, loving husband, doting grandfather, athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. I have people I deeply love and who love me, a mindset of positivity, and financial abundance that enables me to give back to the causes and organizations that need it most.”

Brent Yates

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